60th Birthday Party Ideas

60 is a great milestone birthday. Best celebrated with a walk down memory lane and a dose of humor at the celebrants expense.

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When my mom hit the big 6-0 my brothers and I raced from the far reaches of the U.S. to celebrate her life. Our 60th Birthday party ideas were inspired almost entirely by mom and her enduring quirks.

Step 1: Location. Location. Location.

Over a series of group emails my brothers and I agreed to meet in my home. My youngest brother was referenced in an email by his nick name’s initials,” J.B.”

My mother, who always puts her best maners forward, responded, “I’m glad J.B. will be joining us. Remind me again who J.B. is?”

I laughed so hard, I snorted. And so began the brainstorming for 60th Birthday Party Ideas to celebrate my mom.

Step 2. Name Tags. Clearly they would be necessary.

Have some fun with homemade name tags.

Have some fun with homemade name tags.

Since mom had a hard time remembering J.B., her youngest and most adorable child, we thought name tags would be appropriate. We found old school pictures of ourselves at our worst. We included our names, aliases, and our position in the family.

I had the tags laminated at Office Max.  One 8 x 11 sheet costs about a dollar. I used my small paper guillotine to cut them to name tag size.

Step 3. Ridiculous T-Shirts.

Isn't this a fun way to show of photos of the guest of honor?

Isn’t this a fun way to show of photos of the guest of honor?

We thought it would be fun to wear goofy T-shirts around town on my mom’s birthday.

It helps that J.B. knows a thing or two about graphic design. He assembled a collection of photos of my mom from early childhood to present.  We purchased iron on paper at Micheal’s and printed out his design on a home computer.

Step 4. Party Hats. What’s a birthday party without a fabulous hat?

Enlarge baby photos for custom hats.

Enlarge baby photos for custom hats.

I wish I could claim this idea as my own. I found it at Martha Steward Living and was immediately charmed.

Mom’s baby picture was small but the staff at Office Max were able to enlarge the photo to a clear 11 x 14 size print out for just a few pennies a copy.

I used a template to cut the party hats and simply taped the edges together.  Add ribbon and elastic and your ready to party.

Step 5. The Gift.

We asked friends and family members to send in memories of mom from the varies stages of her life. We tucked the letters and cards into matching brown and gold envelopes numbered 1-60.  It was a fun surprise to hand over to her after dinner.

The fun in celebrating a great milestone birthday is taking the time to look back at the guest of honor’s entire life. For us, the celebration of Mom’s 60th birthday began months before her big day. Party planning is a great excuse to reach out to distant relatives, childhood friends and co workers and get to know a another side of your parent.

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6 thoughts on “60th Birthday Party Ideas

  1. It looks like such a great party. I love your gift idea. Lots of work but it loos great.

  2. Grrrrrrrrreat ideas! My granny just hit 62 last month! I wish you had written this before her special day haha 🙂

  3. Thanks for the comments ladies! Katrina… I spread the projects out over several weeks, so they don’t seem to take much work. Once it all comes together though, there is a great wow-factor for the guest of honor!
    Jessica Hehir recently posted…60th Birthday Party IdeasMy Profile

    • Thanks James! It really was a great event!

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