7th Anniversary Ideas

Mr. H and I are celebrating our 7th anniversary.  That is 13 years together, 7 of those as a married couple. We figure the good luck of the 7th cancels out the bad luck of the 13th. So here we are at very neutral anniversary celebrated by traditional gifts of copper or wool. Really? Really.

Gift giving is never easy with Mr. H. 7th Anniversary Ideas made the process all the more challenging. All  I could think of were tea kettles and socks.

Oh Honey. You really shouldn't have.

Oh Honey. You really shouldn’t have.

While he is Irish, I just can’t imagine him being thrilled at receiving either item from me. We have a kettle and we live in Florida.

Then inspiration hit and I went global. There is a great shop in town called Cost Plus/World Market. Among other things, they have truly great stylish gifts for foodies. I found this beautiful hammered copper serving platter. 473574_SOAP DISH HAMMERED ANTQ COPPER

I think it will look beautiful under a clear glass plate filled with cheese, grapes and crackers, at our next get together.

They also have this beautiful Turkish Ibrek Coffee Pot, but as the coffee aficionado of the family I felt it a bit selfish to give. It may be a bit better for me to receive that one.turkish coffee

For the card attached to gifts, I try to make my own. I’m not really sure why but after all these years it’s like a bad habit I cannot shake.

What to do when copper and wool are your muse? Pennies of course. Lucky pennies for lucky number seven. We have jars filled with coppers from Ireland, England, Canada and of course the U.S.

Penny for your thoughts?

Penny for your thoughts?

I found a coin for the year we met, moved to America, wed, for Mr. H’s birth, for our first and thirds birth years as well as this anniversary. I could not however find our middle daughter’s birth year. Uff da. I searched the car, two junk drawers, a jewelry/catch-all box then settled for an old coin that had the date had rubbed off. At last I went to sleep.

In the morning, I bagged the unused coins. With sleep still in my eyes, I bribed my daughters to let me break into their piggy banks to search for a special coin in exchange for my bag of dirty pennies. They were delighted to make the swap.

They thought I was hilarious too which added a bit to the hunt. Then in my final handful of coppers I found a beautiful shiny penny from Canada dated 2009!

The triumph at finding the coin for this simple card was ridiculous. The girls clapped and cheered for me.

Seven Pennies and one more for luck

Seven Pennies and one more for luck

My wee obsession paid off. Stoic Mr. H was touched and even got a bit choked up.

It could have been his heavy medications following extensive knee surgery, but it made me smile all the same.




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7 thoughts on “7th Anniversary Ideas

  1. oh what a wonderful idea… love the 7 out of pennies…

    • Thanks! That was my favorite part too:)

    • Thanks! It’s always easy to stick with traditions, but it’s fun to try!

  2. Lovely post… Just thought I’d mention that according to your Russian grandma, 13 was her LUCKY number… So, win-win!

    • Aunt Mary, I forgot all about that! Explains a lot I think:) So far… it’s been a great year. Grandma must have know what she was talking about!

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