A Little About Me

Jessica Hehir

Jessica Hehir

I am writer, fundraiser, long-distance runner, confectioner and want-to-be pastry chef.  I am also a former broadcast journalist putting those skills to work as the Communications Coordinator for a large Lutheran church along the North Shore of Lake Superior. The position gives me a great platform for creative thinking, inter-generational communication and an inspiring view of volunteerism at work improving the conditions of our community.

I spend some time in the freelance world writing features, copy for websites, and managing social media accounts.My passions for small businesses, food and family events inspire some of my best pitches.

I’m always looking for opportunities to put my writing/party planning to good use in the business world as I work over time to create sweet childhood memories for my three young daughters; The Sugar in my life. They give me plenty of inspiration. Things don’t always go as planned, but we often have a good laugh at our own expense. The support and The Spice in my life come from my handsome Irish husband.

That’s a little about me. You can find out more here