Walk with the Fairies

When you are a parent, you are always “on.” It’s best not to relax, or tune out, even for a moment. You just never know when that tiny breath of time is going be what makes or break a childhood memory. As the mother to three very young girls, I am finding it best to simply walk with the fairies.

Last November my daughter Sophie had her first dentist appointment. Our dentist confirmed what I had suspected; her insatiable thumb sucking had misaligned her jaw. Normal range for a bite is 0-3. She was at a 5 and on a certain path toward orthodontics.

Sophie called Grandma to tell her about her new Cinderella Gloves.

Sophie called Grandma to tell her about her new Cinderella Gloves.

Our dentist recommended using an appliance to curb the habit. Thumb guards. He suggested calling them princess gloves. I had no problem with that. We told Sophie they were glass gloves to match Cinderella’s glass slippers. “I don’t understand,” I told her, “but the dentists says your smile will be even more beautiful if you wear these. How is that even possible Sophie?” She just grinned and let me tie them on.

It worked. Fast forward 6 months to her next appointment and the dentist said her bite was a 1. Problem solved. However… there was the little issue of her bottom front tooth.

I had noticed her crocked bottom front teeth but thought little of it. I have a wonky bottom tooth that matches my mother’s and my grandmother’s. It must be in the genes.

I was gobsmacked when the dentist told us it was a double tooth. Sure enough she has only three teeth instead of four. One of those teeth is slightly larger than the others.

In a whisper of a moment my stomach turned at the deformity, what could be the cause? Is there an underlying condition? Is this harbinger of a serious illness or condition?

In that same instant I saw Sophie at my side looking up at me with her big round curious eyes.

Good Lord knows how I did it but I stooped over and said, “You mean Sophie  has a magic tooth? Can I see where it is?”

Without missing a beat the dentist said simply, “Yes, she does and the x-rays show all of her adult teeth are in place. She will have a beautiful smile for years to come.”

I exhaled. Filled with gratitude at finding a provider that could read my family so very well.

All is truly well. Sophie told me on her way home from school today that she showed her friend her magic tooth.  Sophie has no fear or self consciousness  It was just a delightful day of childhood and a walk with the fairies.



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