Acorn Cookies

Acorn Cookies

This quick to assemble autumn treat is not my original idea. I like to think my method is.

My daughter and I turned these cookies into a fun after-preschool project with a two-fold purpose.

Acorn Cookies made with purpose.

Acorn Cookies made with purpose.

Grace is four-years-old and enjoys “being the baby” of the family. Once a friend of mine encouraged her to walk to the playground because she’s “a big girl.” Grace quickly asked if she could be three again.

As charming as the moment was, the attitude spilled over to her preschool progress. Her teacher suggested we increase her hand strength by tracing cookie cutters to help improve her handwriting and coloring skills.

We called it “homework.” Ironically the term seemed to unlock a hidden wish to do what the “big girls” do.

Working in the kitchen also helps. So, I asked Grace to help put  these acorn cookies together for her sister’s Fairy Party.


Just look what her little hands can do!

Grace slowly unwrapped an entire bag of dark chocolate kisses. Then, delicately used a toothpick to “paint” the flat bottoms with melted chocolate chips. One at a time, Grace secured a mini Nilla wafer on the bottom of each kiss, and carefully set the cookies aside to dry.

While Grace worked, I attached a butterscotch chip to the other side of the wafer following her careful lead.

acorn 6

“My cookies are so cute!”

It was fun to watch Grace gain confidence through this project. The Fairy Party guests adored the acorn cookies. Grace proudly told her sister’s friends she put the cookies together, “all by herself.”

Grace still wants people dote on her. Let’s be honest: We all do sometimes.

Now, she is also willing to give “being a big girl” a try too.

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