60th Birthday Party Ideas

60 is a great milestone birthday. Best celebrated with a walk down memory lane and a dose of humor at the celebrants expense. When my mom hit the big 6-0 my brothers and I raced […]


7th Anniversary Ideas

Mr. H and I are celebrating our 7th anniversary.  That is 13 years together, 7 of those as a married couple. We figure the good luck of the 7th cancels out the bad luck of […]


The Most Interesting Man in the World

I think most old married couples will agree, it’s the little things that keep the marriage ticking along. For The Spice and I, it’s our goofy inside jokes. For example, we think the Dos Equis Commercials are […]


Mini Beach Umbrellas

The other weekend The Spice & I launched into a pile of large home improvement projects. Not one of them went according to plan. So after a 14 hour day of  work and mishap, my […]


40th Anniversary Ideas

My In Laws are celebrating their 40th year of marriage. It’s no small feat. My mother in law Pauline was 17 and my father in law Francis was 18. Now 8 children and 18 grandchildren […]