Disney Lanyards

A friend of mine is taking her family to Walt Disney World- on a budget. That doesn’t mean she will be cutting out all the exciting bells and whistles. With a little DIY prowess it IS possible. First project up to bat is the Disney Lanyards used for trading pins with the cast members.

With a few adjustments to a tutorial from Simply Cotton, we were able to make two lanyards for a mere $1.17. Left over scrap interfacing, and two lobster clasps from a discarded purse strap helped keep the cost down. It pays to hoard.

To make one 26 inch lanyard you will need: 3 inch strip of fabric from a 36 inch wide bolt, 3 inch strip of light weight interfacing 26 inches long, a lobster clasp, thread, pins, scissors, sewing machine, iron and ironing board.

It is important to use light weight interfacing or the lanyard will be too think for the trading pins. If in doubt, skip this step. I personally like the stiffness of the interfacing, but the object here is for the kids to wear and trade pins.

lanyard tutorial

Keep the pattern small and colorful.

Next trim fabric to 2 1/2 inches wide and 24 1/2 inches long. I suggest buying a slightly wider piece to allow for human error and to ensure you have an even 2 1/2 inch strip for your project.

Then press the interfacing to the wrong side of the fabric, leave a 1/4 inch of fabric free on each end.

I was making two lanyards, thus to trimmed and interfaced pieces are shown.

I was making two lanyards, so two trimmed and interfaced pieces are shown.

Fold strip of fabric in half and press.

Fold to create a center line.

Fold to create a center line.

The following steps are a series of origami like fabric folds. Press after each fold to set the crease.

Fold outer edges to center line.

Fold outer edges to center line.

sugar 007

Fold strip in half on center line.

Slip your lobster clasp over the folded edges. Next open up the folds slightly to pin the ends together with right sides facing.

Pin ends together.

I could not find my pins so I used small needles. For this short length you could just hold in place with your fingers.

Stitch ends closed.

Don’t forget to remove your pins or needles!!

Press seem open

Press seam open.

Now refold your lanyards as before using crease lines as guides. Press closed. I top stitched both edges with an 1/8 inch seam allowance.

X marks the spot.

X marks the spot.

I found that with the shorter child length the seam made a natural resting place for the clasp. I used my needle plate guides to measure 3/4 inch up from the clasp. Then stitch a “X” to lock the clasp in place.

Ta Da!

Your lanyard is complete!

Since these were being gifted to my young friends, I added red tags to the clasps. Their mother intends to replace those tags with laminated business cards that have the child’s name and parent’s cell phone number in case the family becomes separated at the theme parks. Office Max will laminate a card for less than a dollar.

FYI,  my friend purchased 25 assorted Disney trading pins on ebay for $14.00.  I found a seven piece set for $29.95 at Disney’s online store.

I think these little lanyards would be cute for summer swim passes, library cards or school field trips.








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