Heart Shaped Candy Cane Lollipops

I found a lovely picture just before Christmas of heart-shaped chocolates molded inside a pair of candy canes.

Inspired to attempt Valentine greatness, I hid two boxes of the mini peppermint canes in my pantry and waited for February to roll around.

I asked my girls to help out. They love to work in the kitchen. I hopped this would be a simple and  fun lesson in candy making.

We gathered supplies and got to work.

In my enthusiasm to include the girls, I left out one tiny detail. We did not line the cookie trays with parchment paper. Turns out, this was not such a tiny detail after all.

This is an example of what NOT to do.

This is an example of what NOT to do.

When I tried to remove the pops they all cracked in half.

 Fortunately white chocolate remains relatively soft even when set. I pushed the pieces together flipped them over and reinforced the back with an extra smear of chocolate.

It got the job done. The sprinkles are a good camouflage. As a point of perspective, this project really is all about my vanity in motherhood. Preschoolers won’t notice a thing.

Little did we know there was more trouble ahead.

It was a busy day and we had nearly 50 pops to make. As dinner time approached we pushed aside our supplies. Leaving a mere 8 pops for the next day.  In hindsight, we should have postponed nourishment and kept going.

The next morning, my husband-The Spice in my life, knocked over the tray holding the glass bowl of remaining candy canes while making coffee. Let me be honest, there was no “sugar” in my response to this situation.

We salvaged enough canes to make five more pops. We were still three short! It didn’t seem right to hope for absentee students. I dug through the cupboards looking for a solution.

When the candy canes crash...

When the candy canes crash…

 There they were, a handful of large canes lingering in the back by the birthday candles. I chopped them down to size in dramatic fashion. In an Avant-garde kind of way, it worked.

This simple little project is a crazy parallel to my days in broadcast news. The moment a plan came together, a lede story became a non-event or a summer storm knocked out a live shot and I would have to cobble something brilliant together with few resources and even less time.

Don’t be fooled my friends. Both the news hour and preschool parties have hard and unforgiving deadlines. They approach whether you are ready or not. All I could do then, as I do now, is just keep going.

When it is all said and done finish the day with a nice glass of wine, a dose of perspective and a toast to your good self.

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