Homemade Teacher Gifts

Despite my best efforts my children have become a little self-involved and a tad bit greedy of late. I’m hoping it is just a faze. To make sure that’s all it is, we are working on projects to put others first. This grand plan comes just in time to make homemade teacher gifts for the end of the school year.

Ava is my crafty, budding artist. She is about to graduate from Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten. After a particularly rough day of greed, I sat her down and challenged her to weave a set of potholders for each of her teachers.

She put a lot of thought into the color patterns. The colors tell a story, tailored for each of her teachers.  After a few days of prodding and some frustration she proudly finished 6 beautiful potholders. 

Having a child create handmade gifts teaches gratitude.

The note reads: Thank you for weaving the foundation for a lifetime of learning.

Sophie is finishing preschool. It was a tough transition for her. She cried every day at drop off for the first two full months of the school year.  Her teachers at Four Freedoms Park Preschool were incredibly patient and supportive of both Sophie and myself.  

Even so, Sophie likes to cloak herself in a veil of shyness as an excuse not say please or thank you. To help her express gratitude, I had her plant German Thyme in ceramic pots she picked out at Home Depot.

Young children have the skills to help pot a plant.

The note reads: Thank you for taking the THYME to help me grow this year.

This next idea isn’t my own but I think it’s pretty cute and super affordable.  My friend saw these brag books at Walgrens on sale for just $1. Upload your photos and ask your kids to caption the pages. What  a great keepsake!

Brag books with class pictures show the teacher how much you appreciate their work.

Have your kids caption each photo to create a personal thank you gift.

It’s too soon to know if my greedy little girls have miraculously transformed into selfless humanitarians, but I’d like to think we are moving in the right direction.

Have a great summer!



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