Irish Baileys Cheesecake


We combined recipes for an Irish Bailey's Cheese Cake and A New York Style Marble Cheee Cake

We combined recipes for an Irish Bailey’s Cheese Cake and A New York Style Marble Cheee Cake

Some of my favorite memories of my life and times in Ireland, are the frequent trips my husband Shane, and I took in search of good coffee and a piece of Irish Baileys Cheesecake.

The memory of the flavor makes me exhale a happy sigh. The company and location were nice too, but oh how I miss that cheesecake!

The Irish Baileys Cheesecake is a no-bake, gelatin-based cake on a tea biscuit crust. It’s soft and creamy with an almost moose-like texture. Pure heaven.

My attempt to make it was a big boozy fail. It did not set properly and you could not safely set it near an open flame.

I thought melding the recipe with a New York Style Cheesecake might be a good solution. I brought in my little chefs for support.

Graham cracker crusts are child's play, but so delicious.

Graham cracker crusts are child’s play, but so delicious.

My three year old daughter Sophie loves to bake. She was hands on with this recipe with the exception of melting the chocolate. (The microwave is too high for her to safely

reach.) I’m confident any novice baker can handle this recipe.

Chef in Training

Chef in Training

We used America’s Test Kitchen recipe as our base.

We added left over chocolate chips to our crust as soon as it came out of the oven. The heat melted the chips to a spreadable consistency. I like the snap it added to the crust when it set.

Sprinkle  crust with chocolate chips

Sprinkle crust with chocolate chips

We replaced the lemon and vanilla with Irish Cream. The flavor wasn’t strong enough to be detected. To get the great Irish Cream flavor we melted chocolate and used a 1/3 cup of the Irish Cream to thin 1 cup of chocolate. Quickly drop and swirl before the chocolate cools.

On a side note; St. Brendan’s is the patron saint of my husband’s home town, Birr, Co. Offaly. It’s also the cheapest Irish Cream on the shelf!

Genuine Irish Cream

Genuine Irish Cream


My non-dessert eating husband loved the cheesecake. I even caught him sneaking an extra slice. That did not, however, stop him from informing me that this was not an authentic Irish dessert. “I have never seen chocolate in Baileys Cheesecake before.”

Uff dah. That’s The Spice. Let’s just call this the product of a blended Irish/American household.

I must confess as a former producer I should have better managed my time. The prep was double thanks to my little helpers. We popped the cake in the oven with exactly enough time to bake before rushing off for school pick up. Done or not, we had to leave the house.

We made pick up on time and had a fabulous dessert that evening. The luck of the Irish, truly was with us.


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