Luau Baby Shower Cake with Swiss Lemon Meringue Butter Cream


I had a great time creating this ombre tinted Luau Baby Shower Cake with Swiss Lemon Meringue Butter Cream.The expectant mother was relocating ahead of her baby’s birth. “Aloha Baby” was a wonderful, if bittersweet, theme. The cake was relatively simple to put together but made a dramatic splash at the party.

I used the Whisk Kid‘s recipe for a Rainbow Cake with Swiss Lemon Meringue Butter Cream Icing. This cake is so incredible, Martha Stewart had her on the show for a ‘how to’ segment. I recommend watching their video before baking.

The recipe itself needed no adjustment, but the color scheme did. As always, I turned to my daughters for inspiration. Ava’s ombre sun-dress hit the mark.

My daughter's sundress is the perfect color pallet.

My daughter’s sun-dress is the perfect color pallette.

To get the look use gel colors. I am always  impressed with how well the Wilton Color Gels stays true to shade, even after baking. Also, you get a really rich, flavorless color.

The Whisk Kid’s recipe calls for a crumb coat. I used Pirouette Cookies to decorate the sides of the cake. The basic recipe makes more than enough to cover and hold the cookies into place. There was still a nice thick layer of the delicious icing.

For the other decorations, I used the Cook Duke’s fondant recipe. It is tasty and forgiving to work with. The baby shown here is from the Barbie collection. The rest of the decorations are edible.

The shoes and surf board were surprisingly easy shapes to form. Use the same techniques you use when playing with Play-Doh. It’s that easy. Form the skirt around the baby for a natural look. The fondant will be too brittle to transfer when it dries.

I used the Wilton Nature fondant and gum paste mold to make the flowers and birds. A light coat of Crisco, and a few minutes in the freezer helps the fondant release from the  mold.

Place the tree after the cake is in position.

Place the tree after the cake is in position.

The cake needed height and the sleeping baby needed shade. A palm tree was an obvious choice. I won’t lie. It was tricky.Use tooth picks to impersonate a stem. Roll a gum ball sized ball of fondant and push the tooth pick through like spokes coming out of an axle.Then slide the 1/8 inch to 1/4 inch thick leaves on a spoke and dry. Insert a toothpick into the Pirouette so that it looks like a bayonet from both ends. One side goes into the cake.

Next and most important, place your cake in party position. Gently place the palm fronds on top of the toothpick. Slowly exhale. Don’t move the cake!

I believe every baby deserves a warm welcome into this great big world, and every departing friends deserves a fond farewell. A cake made by hand does the job. Aloha Baby.


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