Minnie Mouse’s Polka dots

*I received free products to host the Disney Side @Home Celebration. The opinions expressed here are entirely my own*

Mini Mouse Polkadots

Mini Mouse’s Polka-dots are My #DisneySide

Mom Select and Disney asked me to show my DisneySide with an at home celebration. They sent me a kit loaded with products including a packet of trivia questions. (Complete details are here.)

This one caught my attention. “What fashionable pattern does Minnie Mouse favor?”

Did you know  the answer?

Did you know the answer?

It’s Polka dots of course and a great way to add a pop of color to our amazing decorations.

I used fabric to line the china cabinet windows. Secure with masking tape.IMG_5466

I added bows to a wreath, ornaments and bags to pull the pattern through the party.

Signature style tied up with a bow.

Signature style tied up with a bow.

I made a skirt for my daughter, our birthday girl, inspired by Minnie’s dress.

Inspired by Mini Mouse's Polkadots

Inspired by Minnie Mouse’s Polka dots

Here’s the quick and easy how to:

  1. First forget what you learned in Home Ec. We are breaking the roles and going against the bias.
  2. For a toddler skirt measure the waist and double. I needed 42 inches. As luck would have it fabric often comes on bolts that measure 45 wide.
  3. Measure the length. In this case 11 inches. I purchased a 12 inch piece of fabric.
  4. Stitch the ends together to make a tube. Surge or use a zig zag to keep the edges from fraying.
  5. With the fabric lying flat put a pin in each natural fold. Each pin should be 21 inches apart. Fold in half and repeat. Do this 8 times.
  6. Take a 2 inch wide piece of elastic and overlap the ends by half an inch at the desired size. In this case I needed a 22 inch band. 21 inches to go around the waist and half an inch for each end to overlap. Zig zag ends closed.
  7. Fold and pin elastic in the same way as the skirt.
  8. Line up elastic and skirt pins.
  9. Top stitch elastic to skirt. Easing gathers, or form three smaller pleats between each pin.
  10. Fold bottom of the skirt up 1 inch. Press take raw edge and fold into the fold. Press and stitch the top of the fold to form a hem.
  11. Take length of eyelet trim and place at the hem’s seam line on the inside of the skirt. Stitch in place.
  12. Adorn elastic waist band with giant buttons and embroidery floss.

With the fabric remnants I created an iconic applique on a plain long-sleeved t-shirt. I used the cookie cutters from my Celebration Kit as a template. The tutorial I used is here.dress

Minnie’s polka dots are just one of the fun ways to show my #DisneySide. You’ll find more Mickey Mouse Clubhouse party ideas here.

I received the celebration kit from Disney Parks and MomSelect.  No further compensation was provided.

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  3. cuteness overload! My little girl is not yet familiar with Minnie, she’s all Barbie and Hello Kitty but when the time comes she asked for a Minnie Party, I’ll use some of your ideas here 🙂

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