Morning Surprise

I like to leave fun surprises for my children to wake up to on their birthdays. The night before, I string up a banner and set the kitchen table with a pretty cloth and presents so that they wake up to a celebration.

It’s my way of showing each of our daughters that no matter what else is going on that morning, at that moment she is the most important part of our day.

The morning surprise is not entirely mine own idea.  It is the way my mom celebrated our lives when I was growing up.

My favorite morning surprise of hers, involves what seemed like an unending skein of yarn.

Yarn comes in exciting bright and festive colors and is relatively inexpensive.

Yarn comes in exciting bright and festive colors and is relatively inexpensive.

My two younger brothers and I woke one morning to find bright colored strings of yarn stretching from our second story bedrooms down the stairs, around the corner, through the house and eventually back up the stairs to our beds.

These incredible lengths of yarn had directional arrows attached at random intervals.  The yarn was strung around our family home in the early 80’s. There were no fancy crafting tools used aside from an ordinary pair of scissors and a whole punch.

I marvel at the time that went into cutting, punching and threading all those little arrows.

Leave a trail for your children to follow.

Leave a trail for your children to follow.

When we made our way back to our room we found new quilts on our beds. To this day I do not know if the quilts were already in place when we first woke or if mom some how tip-toed around us and made our beds before our return.

Either way, I smile every time I think about following those bright threads of yarn.

I’m not the only one. While collecting memories for my mom’s 60th birthday party my aunt shared a similar story.  When mom was a teenager she laid out the yarn for her younger sisters to follow. At the end of the line they found their birthday gifts.

It doesn’t have to take a lot of time or money to leave a morning surprise for your kids. If you do,  it’s likely the memory will last long into your child’s adult life. It may even inspire her to craft her way through motherhood.


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3 thoughts on “Morning Surprise

  1. Hi Jessica! Many thanks for this. Good post. Keeping birthdays exciting is definitely a worthy goal. I’m a new reader to your blog so I thought I’d just drop a quick thanks.
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    • Hi Shaun! Thanks for the support. I’m delighted to have it. My mother always made us feel so special on our birthdays…. it’s pretty amazing to have the opportunity to do the same for my children. Thanks for sharing the journey!

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