Russian Honey Cake

I grew up the daughter of a Russian immigrant. I enjoyed many traditional foods from the “old country” in my life time. However, I had not heard of a Russian Honey Cake until the dawning of Pinterst.

My version of the no-bake honey cake

My version of the no-bake honey cake

I came across a beautiful image  titled “Winnie the Pooh Cake,” with a link to no where. I wonder if the author was being clever or if it’s just a poor translation. Either way, I wanted the recipe.

As the Sochi Winter Olympics approached, and with it our family dinner party for the opening ceremony, I renewed my search for a recipe. I found them in droves. Here is a round-up of the recipes I found most interesting.

The traditional recipe from Cooking Melangery is elegant in its simplicity.

Mom’s Dish gives the Russian Honey Cake a beautiful twist with apricot jam, mimicking the look of honey. I imagine the jam will be a lovely compliment to the traditionally mild flavors of this cake.

I found the most creative decorations at Olga’s Flavor Factory.  She uses bubble wrap to create a honey comb pattern and adds chocolate bees to the top of her cake. She also uses chocolate in her layers. This is definitely a recipe to try.

I choose the no bake recipe from Let the Baking Begin. As a novice Russian Honey Cake baker, I choose the simplest recipe. Marina, author of Let the Baking Begin, knows her stuff.  The recipe calls for an extra four crackers for the crumb coat. It is exactly what you will have left over after layering the cake. Her recipe for a Russian Honey Cake needs no alterations.

After all the beautiful images of a Russian Honey Cake. The flavors live up to the expectation. This cake is creamy with just a hint of  sweetness. The graham crackers soften into delicate cake layers.

Most of  my dinner guests loved the cake. However, there was one disinter. My husband, The Spice in my life, declared the cake goopey.  He was alone in that opinion.

When I make the cake again, I’ll be bravely try my twist. An extra layer of ganache on top of each cream layer. What recipe wouldn’t be made better with a little extra chocolate?

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2 thoughts on “Russian Honey Cake

  1. My daughter-in-law is from Russia and I’ll have to try making some of these cakes to impress her. I love the idea of the bubble wrap & chocolate bees. I just want to say how glad I am to have found your blog and look forward to reading more of your posts.
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    • Thanks Neva! That’s such high praise. I would love to know what your DIL thinks of these recipes too.

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