40th Anniversary Ideas

My In Laws are celebrating their 40th year of marriage. It’s no small feat. My mother in law Pauline was 17 and my father in law Francis was 18. Now 8 children and 18 grandchildren later they are still the same teenagers in love. 40th Anniversary ideas for this amazing couple had to come from the heart.

They still live in the same small Irish town my husband grew up in. The anniversary party was held there with 120+ of their nearest and dearest by their side. The Hehirs don’t do things by halves. There were so many twists and surprises to their “simple” party I would need pages and pages to detail the intricacies of the day.

Let’s suffice is to say The Spice made a surprise appearance at the festivities . Life being what it is Shane  made the trip alone. Our daughters and myself had to stay behind. His parents are such incredible people that I felt the need to do more than just help Shane pack his bags.

A vow renewal was planned for late afternoon on the day of the party. The details of which were kept from Pauline. I offered to create the programs for the ceremony. I kept the text simple and layered white and cream paper. Even though this was a vow renewal rather than a traditional wedding service, the pure colors still seemed appropriate for the occasion.

The immediate family alone attended the service. The low number of attendees allowed me the opportunity to hand make each program. A friend’s Cricut and Office Max also helped out.

Commemorate the service with a hand made program

Commemorate the service with a hand made program

The same group of guests had a private dinner ahead of the formal party at a charming restaurant called The Thatch. Elegant favors are set out for a wedding. Why not do the same for a vow renewal?

It was another opportunity to send a personal touch in my place. I molded chocolate sea shells in pink and yellow. I chose sea shell molds as a little nod to myself and the girls at home in Southwest Florida thinking of them on their big day.

As a newly wed I adored my new monogram and all it stood for. Their initial seemed like a logical choice to use here as well as to emphasis all they have accomplished as one united couple.

Chocolate favors add a festive touch

Chocolate favors add a personal touch

My daughters think their father hung the moon. I anticipated his departure being a little rough on the girls. To ease the transition I thought it wise to involve them in the surprises we were putting together for Pauline and Francis.

The girls dressed up in their sparkly finest and posed for the camera. We wrote silly and sweet captions on the back of nearly a dozen photos. Shane gave photos to his parents at the party to let them know their grand kids were celebrating their big day even if they were on the “other side of the salty pond.”

All dressed up with no place to go.

All dressed up with no place to go.

By all accounts the party was a great success. This photo after the vow renewal says it all. Happily married after all these years. Congratulations, and may we be lucky enough to follow in your footsteps!

40th Anniversary... still happy after all these years

40th Anniversary… still happy after all these years


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