Candy Free Candy Land Party Favor

When I set out to host a Candy Land themed birthday party I was drawn to the color and the whimsy of the game more so than the sweet confections surrounding each turn on the classic board game.

With that sentiment in mind and with the hope of giving a useful Candy Free Candy Land Party Favor to our young friends I stumbled across these lollipops made from toothbrushes and infant washcloths.

Photo Courtesy Tina Overbaugh Photography

Photo Courtesy Tina Overbaugh Photography

I showed Grace, the guest of honor, the idea and she giggled in a way that melts a mother’s heart. In her tiny toddler voice she said, “That funny mommy.”

I was sold. My husband, not so much. “You mean you are going to give the kids toothbrushes and washcloths. Are you sure?”

Photo Courtesy Tina Overbaugh Photography.

Photo Courtesy Tina Overbaugh Photography

As it turns out, Grace’s instincts were right on. Our party guests loved these little favors. In the weeks to follow, mothers have taken a moment to tell me how excited their kids were to receive a new tooth brush. Who knew oral hygiene could be so much fun?

To make these Candy Free Candy Land Party Favors swing by the baby isle at the Dollar Store nearest you. I found bright colored toothbrushes in a 3 pack and miraculously the same colored wash cloths in a four pack. Tape the toothbrush to a round tag. Wind the washcloth into a swirl. Secure with a piece of tape. Layer washcloth on top of brush and tie plastic wrap in place with curling ribbon.

Wah-la. Fabulous Candy Free Candy Land Favors for your young party friends.


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10 thoughts on “Candy Free Candy Land Party Favor

  1. What a creative and fun idea. Glad the kids loved them and I am sure the parents did too.

    • Yes Pam, the parents were thrilled with the goodies!

    • Thanks Suzi!

    • I agree Alysia, but there will always be some well meaning adult that wants sugar up our adorable children:)

    • I agree Autumn! I’m so glad you like the idea:)

    • Thanks Ping Desserts! I love how they turned out and the kids reaction was priceless!

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