Candy Land Party

On Christmas Eve I woke early with visions of sugar plums dancing through my head. I was grooving on the playful colors of the season and the adorable candy decorations festooned around my home as I drank my morning coffee. My driving thought; what would it be like to walk though a game of Candy Land? As I sat in the quite house, I began planning a Candy Land Party for my youngest daughter’s 2nd Birthday. This is what I came up with.

As guests arrived I asked the kids to decorate cookies with edible markers. The cookies later divided our guests into four color coded teams to move through our Candy Land Party.

Create edible markers with you favorite sugar cookie recipe.

Create edible game pieces with you favorite sugar cookie recipe or mine.

The fist stop on our game board was the Licorice Forest for a licorice eating contest. We placed red licorice vines in a bowl. The first child to eat their piece won. The prize for all participants was a shiny new penny.

Licorice Forest

The Spice was nervous about the contest so he volunteered to referee… I think he had as much fun as the kids!

The kids then raced along our Peppermint Pass with old fashioned mints in large spoons. Each pass was tailored by age. The kids either competed by speed or agility or had a snack as they walked along the peppermint pass

peppermint pageA Candy Land party is a great excuse to show off your Christmas decorations. 

Pennies were again awarded to all participants.

The teams then wandered over to the Gum Drop Pass. I modified a pattern for Gum Drop Dolls and filled the fabric with rice to use as playful bean bags. Kids love throwing stuff, so I try to include at least one opportunity at a party. Our giant gumdrops flew through the air into a large galvanized bucket.

Fetl Gum Drop Bean Bags  Gum Drop shaped Bean Bags are just more fun at a Candy Land Party.

The final stop on our tour of Candy Land was Princess Frostine’s Ice Cream Parlor. I really like to add decorations to the ceiling, I think it’s unexpected and adds a whimisical vibe to a party. I also love reusing what I have on hand. The ice cream are left over tissue paper puffs from a Pinkalicious party and a Christening.

page  Hot glue a snowflake button on to a toothpick and wah-la Barbie is Princess Frostine!

At this stop the kids placed a jelly bean in an cone. They topped their beans with dirt then added marigold seed “sprinkles” on top. The cones truly work like peat pots just be sure to plant the cones in the garden or a pot within a day or two to prevent mold.

 We placed the cones in a large plastic cup to avoid a mess on the drive home. Another important tip, do not water the plant at the party. The cone will melt. Kids will cry. 

Photo Courtesy Tina Overbaugh Photography. All rights reserved.

Photo Courtesy Tina Overbaugh Photography. All rights reserved.


At last it was time for the kids to cash in their winnings. We filled an old fashioned gumball machine with jelly beans and let the kids shop at “Gracie’s 2 Sweet Shop.”

The kids loved it and we managed to throw a Candy Land Party with relatively little candy consumed.


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