Day-tripping in Gooseberry Falls

Gooseberry falls has long been a favorite day-trip of mine. When I was a teenager my friends and would pack some snacks and go for a  hike on the trails. The State Park is close enough to Duluth that we could get away with leaving the city limits yet far enough away that we thought we really getting away with something great.

I brought my husband to the falls on his first visit to Duluth. The trip was in January and his first experience with a deep and frozen landscape. He loved it. That’s when I knew he was a keeper.

This year we relocated our family to Minnesota. Almost immediately we went day-tripping in Gooseberry Falls with our daughters. The falls and trails are as lovely as I remember. What I hadn’t counted on was the grand display of Minnesota Nice.

Spot the irony?

Spot the irony?

While the river was low, the rocks were sharp and the water swift. The sign was a great reminder of the conditions. We’re not sure who hired the Life Guard. Assuming it was the park, this takes Minnesota Nice to an entirely new level of kindness.

We stayed on shore.

Taking a break on the warm rocks.

Taking a break on the warm rocks.

We visited with the The Park’s Naturalist as we hiked up the trail. Her job that day was to wander the trails and answer visitor questions.

Isn’t that incredible? Talk about Minnesota Nice.

She had a sketch pad with her and explained that she was sketching the unusual marking she had seen on the months. Her sketches were incredibly beautiful. They also inspired Ava to keep a journal of the new bugs she discovered in Minnesota.

Take the high road.

Take the high road. Awesome view if your have not fear of heights.

At the Visitor Center, someone was giving an outdoor lecture on Loon’s calls.  It was interesting but we kept wandered past in search of the restrooms. That’s when we saw this sign.

There are just too many questions.

There are just too many questions.

My husband and I just giggled like school kids when we saw this phone hanging on the wall. It’s a challenge to find a pay phone anymore let alone a courtesy phone. Yet in the middle of a State Park here one sits.

To call who?

Your hiking buddies?

“Hey there. We left our phones behind to enjoy the great outdoors but gosh darn it’s a lovely day and we’d hate for you to miss out.  Thank goodness for this courtesy phone.  We’ll wait for you by the pine tree.”

It was such a great hike. Little has changed since my last visit. Day-tripping in Gooseberry Falls is remains a lovely way to spend the afternoon.

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