Leprechaun Trap

Mini pretzels and melted chocolate make an authentic if imperfect ladder.

Mini pretzels and melted chocolate make an authentic if imperfect ladder.

Over St. Patrick’s Day 2013, I shipped my husband back to the home land to celebrate his parents’ 40th Anniversary and the Hallowed St. Paddy’s Day.  I promised to keep the legends of the Wee People alive and well in his absence. To hold up my end of the bargain, I turned to Pinterest for inspiration to make the perfect St. Patrick’s Day Leprechaun Trap.

I found an incredible work of art by a pinner via Notmartha.org and an easy recipe from The Pioneer Woman. I was short on time, energy and ingredients, but I did have a box kit for a chocolate cake and frosting. Good enough. I told the girls the chocolate would make the trap look like an Irish Fairy Fort.

While the girls finished their Sheppard’s Pie, I mixed the batter, poured it into a bunt ban and tossed it into the oven. It didn’t look quite right, but it was a box mix. What could be wrong?

Well, to start I used the frosting mix with the cake instructions. All the luck on the Emerald Isle wouldn’t make that cake rise. Out of the oven it came. Into the trash it went.

With a more careful eye I tried a second time. While the cake baked. I bathed the girls, put them  into their pajamas and started bedtime stories. When I at last checked on the cake I realize I hadn’t turned  the oven on. The girls, bless their hearts, believe the Leprechaun’s were playing tricks on me.

Of course they were.

march 003

Toss in a handful of chocolate coins to full the Wee People.

The third time was the charm. When the cake cooled, we baited our Leprechaun Trap with a handful of chocolate coins. We, turned out the lights and tucked in for the night.

When St. Patrick’s Day dawned, we discovered the Leprechaun’s are more cleaver than we had anticipated.

The gold was replace with a potted shamrock!

The ladder was moved! Proof they had climbed down and onto our table. 

The Wee Folk had replaced the gold with a Shamrock Plant. The girls found our coins under a table, beneath an over turned metal bowl. They interpreted the gesture as a message from the Leprechauns telling us we won’t be able to trap them with mere chocolates. We’ll see.

Next year, we’ll give it another go. Erin go Bragh!


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