Pumpkin Hot Chocolate

I don’t remember the first time I saw the snow fall. I do remember sitting in Algebra Class when the snow began to fall  Halloween 1991. By the end of the storm, a record 36.9 inches of snow fell on the Twin Ports.

It was such an exciting storm. That night my friends and I attempted Trick-or-Treating. We ended up “trapped” in a sleep over for the night. In the morning we walked to another house. The storm kicked up and we were “trapped” again. Unable to make it home, we had yet another slumber party. This went on for three nights. We stayed up late, played in the snow during the day and drank cups and cups of Hot Chocolate.

It’s one of the favorite winter memories.

My husband and I just moved our family back to Duluth, MN. Our Florida girls have waited for the snow to arrive since July 5th. At long last, an early pre-season dusting of snow fell this week.

I caught my youngest daughter Gracie’s reaction to seeing her first snow fall.

"The snow is like my sparkles!"

“The snow is like my sparkles!”

Pure magic. She reached for the snow. She caught a flake on her tongue. She giggled with wonder.

Gracie told me the snow is like her sparkles. I assume she means her shoes? It is hard to know for sure. Her description though is pretty accurate.

The sun glinted off the snow like falling glitter. We drove through the ‘sparkles,” to pick up her sisters from school. Then,spent the afternoon cozied up with cups of Pumpkin Hot Chocolate and our favorite picture books.

Pumpkin Hot Chocolate

Pumpkin Hot Chocolate

Watching my daughter discover the beauty of falling snow has surpassed all of my best winter moments.  Halloween is still a week away. We are off to a good start. Bring on winter.



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7 thoughts on “Pumpkin Hot Chocolate

  1. She is too cute, nothing like a child’s excitement when they see snow for the first time. My kids saw snow for the first time last year and they could not get enough of it, they loved it. That hot pumpkin hot chocolate sounds divine, will bookmark for when it gets a bit colder. 🙂
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