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The party girl ready for her Tangled Birthday Brunch!

The party girl ready for her Tangled Birthday Brunch!

The joy of having three young daughters is that there is almost always something to celebrate. Sophie’s 4th birthday was no exception.  At press time, her favorite princess is Rapunzel from the Disney Movie Tangled.

Sophie and her big sister Ava thought a dinner party would be a fun way to celebrate. We settled on a Rapunzel inspired brunch at a local park.

To start the planning process, I did what I imagine any good party planner does; I opened a bottle of wine and got out my glue gun.

tangled 081

Tangled Flower Vases: In the name of crafting, several bottles of wine were consumed for this project.

These sisal wrapped bottles look pretty on Pintrest, but I found creating them to be a bit challenging. The twine kept getting “tangled” and loopy at the neck of the bottle. As the realization that I would never be a professional crafter dawned… I discovered that  I had just created my first Tangled Party Decorations.

Then, I began to imagine what the party would look like if Rapunzel had the soiree catered by the Snuggly Duckling.

Inspiration: A brunch catered by the Thugs at The Snuggly Duckling

Inspiration: A brunch catered by the Thugs at The Snuggly Duckling

I like to use paper table cloths. They are prettier, more elegant and more affordable than plastic. It’s also a chance for me to craft with my kids.

tangled 025

Ask your kids to glue the decorations onto the table cloths

For a more “authentic” look, I tried to avoid traditional, solid princess pinks and purples for our Tangled Party Decorations and lettering.

tangled 032

Sophie helped create these Magic Golden Flowers with broken beads, glitter and garden supplies.

I believe lanterns are a must for Tangled Party Decorations.


The movie’s catch phrase is the perfect sentiment to welcome guests to a birthday party.

I made this double-sided banner from our supply of “field trip” lunch bags.

Since my girls are young and the party was held during Florida’s wild-fire season, we opted to fake the Floating Lanterns. It was a wise choice chiefly because our pavilion was a virtual wind tunnel that day.

This is a picture of our floating lanterns before the party. Unfortunately, upon arrival the wind immediately crushed and ironical “tangled” them into an unrecognizable mass of pretty paper.

tangled 004

I made these lanterns with basic crayon rubbings on tracing paper. One packet of paper will give you roughly 40 floating lanterns. If you attempt- please hang indoors.

tangled 031

Our pinata doubled as a party decoration/ wind block

Party planning often means being quick on your feet and being O.K. with last-minute plan changes. Especially when it comes to the elements.

Honestly, it reminds me of my days in the newsroom watching breaking news unfold. The adrenalin pumps. You’re not really sure how it will all pull together and then… it’s the news hour, or in this case the guests arrive.

All you can do is enjoy yourself and let the wind blow where it may, because ultimately, if you are having a good time your guests will too.

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    • Thanks Paula! It’s all about looking at what you have an on hand then adding a little sweat equity! We had a great time!

  1. A tangled theme party looks like a great idea. It’d be awesome if I do the same for my six-year old daughter I guess.
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